When can you use the SENIB software

  • SENIB can be used for both single family homes and large properties, but it is developed especially for large buildings with apartments kept in mind.
  • SENIB can't be used with buildings that needs to be cooled, e.g. with air conditioning in the summer. It's only designed for buildings that needs to be heated.
  • SENIB works if you want to track energy usage for one or several buildings connected to the same central heating room regardless of the heating system, as long as the buildings do not need to be cooled.
  • SENIB gives suggestions on how to adjust the heating system, but only if you have a hydronic heating system. MMA's AN or FV radiator valves needs to be used to be able to adjust the heating system satisfactorily according to SENIB's low flow method. If the radiator valves are old and needs to be replaced then choose MMA's AN-valves.
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