Required Software - Overview

Software to run SENIB

LibreOffice is required on all operating systems to run SENIB with all functions. LibreOffice is a free open source program similar to Microsoft Office. SENIB only uses "Calc" in LibreOffice which is similar to "Excel" in Microsoft Office, but it's not possible to only install "Calc". More specific system requirements for LibreOffice and OpenOffice can be found for each of these operating systems; Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Software for blueprints in PDF format

If you have blueprints in PDF format and want to measure the length of the exterior walls digitally then you also need the free software PDF-XChange Editor 7. You can't use Adobe Acrobat. If you have the program PDF-XChange Viewer 2.5.x on your computer it will also work. These programs are only available for the Windows operating system.

On Mac OS X any of these pdf programs requires the program Wine to run but since Mac OS X Catalina (10.15), Wine cannot be installed because Wine is a 32-bit program and no 32-bit programs are anymore allowed to run on Mac OS X. However it is possible to run these pdf-programs if you install Windows on it's own partition or in VMware Fusion and run the program from it. If you have an old copy of Windows XP it will work fine but then you need PDF-XChange Editor 7 instead. If you have Mac OS X 10.14 or earlier and use Wine then the PDF-programs has been tested on the Development and the Staging branch of Wine (1.9.21) and both branches works with both programs. This was tested without installing 64 bit support during the installation of Wine. Please follow this link for prerequisites and download of Wine. If you would run into problems with PDF-XChange Editor on Mac OS X then you can try PDF-XChange Viewer (8 MB) instead.

On Linux PDF-XChange Editor Portable is tested (at the time of writing) with the latest version of Wine (1.9.21) and worked fine.  PDF-XChange Viewer runs perfect on Wine version 1.8 (x86) and can easily be installed with Play on Linux which makes it possible to only run PDF-XChange Viewer with Wine 1.8 (x86). Wine 1.9.21 is tested with PDF-XChange Viewer but the program will crash when you export measurements to a CSV-file. Therefore Wine 1.8 (x86) is recommended for PDF-XChange Viewer. The necessary programs can most likely be installed with your distributions package manager. Install the package wine-development, wine-staging or wine. Also install the packages wine-mono, wine-gecko and for PDF-XChange Viewer playonlinux as well. If you would run into problems with PDF-XChange Editor on Linux then you can try PDF-XChange Viewer (8 MB) instead.

Why these software’s

Benefits of LibreOffice over Microsoft Office

  • In LibreOffice you can undo almost everything with Ctrl + Z.
  • LibreOffice is free.
  • LibreOffice is available in a version for the Linux operating system which is also free.
  • LibreOffice is available in two versions for Windows. One of them is a portable version that eliminates the need to install the software. A portable program is also easy to move to another computer with preserved settings.

Advantages of LibreOffice, compared with a web-based interface

  • In LibreOffice, everyone can add new formulas and calculations without being limited by a web-based interface.
  • For copyright reasons it’s an advantage that no outdoor temperature statistics needs to be stored at SENIB's servers.

There are of course also disadvantages with LibreOffice, but not as big as the benefits.

PDF-XChange Viewer/Editor
PDF-XChange Viewer and PDF-XChange Editor are the only programs that we have found that are capable of measuring blueprints in PDF files and export all measured values to CSV files in a consistent way. A great bonus is of course also that the programs are free!

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