Paid support

If you want to get professional help with SENIB and find out the savings potential for any actions to take in your property then we can do it for you. The prices below presume that you provide appropriate architects drawings (blueprints and one main section) and details of exterior wall and roof construction.

Prices range from:
€ 0.10 per m² in large buildings to
€ 0.3 per m² for houses down to 3000 m².
Minimum charge € 800.

The prices includes everything except the calculation of pre-setting values for radiator valves in a hydronic heating system. If you need help to calculate them using SENIB we can do that for you for € 5 per radiator valve.

We can also adjust the heating system in the house. The price for the adjustment depends on where the house is located, because of traveling times etc.

If you would be more interested in a general course of the SENIB software that can be arranged as well.

Contact us for more exact pricing information.