Download SENIB

The latest version of SENIB (1.211) is available as three different download options in English.

Below you can read about the different download options.

  • and SENIB.exe requires that OpenOffice is downloaded separately if it is not already installed on your computer. You will also have to change some settings in OpenOffice which can be seen in this tutorial.
  • SENIBwOO.exe comes with the same content as and SENIB.exe but this package also includes a portable version of OpenOffice 3.2.0 which is the fastest and recommended version for Windows. All other necessary applications to perform all the functions available in SENIB is also included in the package. Some required settings in OpenOffice are also pre-configured. When you run the program it might happen that Windows says that the program is not installed correctly. Just click on "Program is installed correctly" and continue to use it. Alternatively you can download an updated portable version here.

More specific system requirements and recommended OpenOffice versions can be found here.

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